Adding your meetings to Toolio is super simple with Toolio's Outlook Add-in. The Outlook Add-in is a small extension you add to Outlook, which allows you to save the meetings you are scheduling to Toolio directly from Outlook. Once your buying meetings are in Toolio, you can easily see your upcoming meetings in order of importance, use the filtering capability to see what meetings your peers are attending, and easily access budget guideline for each brand you are buying from.

Toolio has the following benefits over other scheduling platforms.

  • You login to Toolio using your single-sign-on (i.e. Citrix) password. No need to remember another password.

  • Toolio works with your existing workflow. Save your meetings to Toolio directly from Outlook.

  • Toolio automatically adds relevant information to your buying meeting, such as the budget guidance for the meeting and the continuity spend that has already been placed.

  • Using Toolio's central calendar, you can easily see and filter the buying calendar for the entire company.

Now that you know what the Outlook Add-in is used for, you can see how to install the add-in here.

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