> First, make sure that you have already added the Toolio Outlook Add-in. Once you install the add-in and open a calendar meeting invite on Outlook, you should be able to see the Toolio Outlook Add-in on the ribbon

> When you are creating your buying meeting, click on the Toolio Add-in and you will see a way to "create meeting" in Toolio as well. Once you put in all the meeting details, make sure to put in the relevant information on the Add-in as well.

> When you have all the information, press Create Meeting.

Note: This only creates the meeting on Toolio. Don't forget to send invite as you normally would.

> If you update the meeting, make sure to press Update Meeting after you make the changes and click Send to send the update to other recipients.

For meetings that are in a different time zone, e.g. Paris, Milan, please don't forget to specify the meeting time zone while you are scheduling the meeting. To learn more about it, please see here.

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