Go to Organization > Brands. Here you will see a list of all the brands in the business. Use the filter on the left to select a specific brand. You can filter by brand tier or brand name.

When you tap on the brand, you will see that brand's current distribution, aggregated by the fields you have specified in the group. In the example below, you can see the distribution for a particular brand by gender.

For each group item, you can update the distribution using the drop downs in the distribution cells (just like you would be doing on Excel).

Once your changes are in, click request update which will prompt you put in relevant context, i.e. notes and attachments to accompany these changes. Once you hit request update, a task gets created for your admin to update the store distribution change in the system.

Once the task is completed, you will get an email notifying with the completion of the task. Alternatively, you can always check the status of this task, by going to Organization > Tasks

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