Admins will get an email for each store distribution change request. You can choose to work on one task at a time or review them in batch.

To see the outstanding store distribution requests, go to Organization > Tasks. In the store distribution section you will see a list of all requested tasks.

Once you hit show changes, you will see a list of store distribution updates that have been requested. You can either select individual updates or all at once, and action on them using the "Approve" and "Decline" buttons.

The changes will be in effect immediately and the updates you have "Approved" or "Declined" will be highlighted on the list.

After you action the updates, Toolio will receive your changes within 15 minutes and mark the task as complete. You and the creator of the task will both get a notification upon the completion of the task.

If you see something wrong with a distribution change, you can choose to dismiss that task, along with the reasoning for the dismissal. Once you dismiss a task, the creator will also get a notification of the dismissal.

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