Grouping & Dynamic Hierarchy

How to use Grouping and Dynamic Hierarchy to change the way you view or build your plans

Updated over a week ago

Thanks to Toolio’s attribute-based approach to planning, you can dynamically change the product hierarchy you use to view or build your merchandise plans.

Specify the Attributes by which you want to see your data, select the order of their position in the hierarchy, and Toolio will dynamically change your plan hierarchy on the fly.

*Please note the Financial Planner module has since been renamed Merchandise Planning

Use Cases

Say, you want to look at your plans broken down by Division / Department / Class / Channel. All you have to do is to select these Attributes using the "Group by" button. You can save this plan to your View and build a plan within this hierarchy. However, there will be times you will want to break down your plans by Channel first, say to understand your Web vs. Store split. In that case, you can simply reorder your Grouping to put Channel to the top and see your updated hierarchy.

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