Toolio Retail Calendar overlays the retail calendar on a regular calendar to easily see which retail week you are in today, weeks left in quarter, upcoming holidays and previous years all in one tool. It is a free tool and is accessible here. This article gives a quick overview of how to use this handy tool.

Below is a screenshot of the Toolio Retail Calendar in action.

Few things to note:

  • You can see the week number for each week on the left

  • Special retail days are highlighted in navy

  • Today's date is highlighted in blue

  • You can easily navigate between different years

You can tap on each day to get more information on that day. See example below:

As you see in this example, you can easily see:

  • If that day is a special retail day

  • The week of the year / quarter and month, which would help you with year on year comparisons and show you the number of weeks left in the current quarter you are in.

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