Configuring the Toolio Retail Calendar

Toolio Retail Calendar uses the NRF 4-5-4 Calendar by default. How to configure it for other calendar types is covered below.

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Toolio Retail Calendar uses the NRF 4-5-4 Calendar by default. This is what most retailers use as their default calendar. However, every business is different and Toolio Retail Calendar can be configured to accommodate the calendaring schemes for different businesses.

Calendar Configuration

Configuration is accessed by clicking the menu icon on the top left

Once the configuration section is available, you can select a Custom calendar configuration, which will give you the following options:

As you can see above, you will be able to configure:

  • Week Grouping: You can select 4-4-5, 4-5-4, and 5-4-4, which are the main combinations for retail calendar.

  • Last day of the week

  • Last month of the year

  • Last Week Calculation: This option determines how to calculate year boundaries, i.e. how to determine the last week falling into a particular year. Please feel free to test the options out here. The options are:

  • Restated: This indicates whether the calendar should be restated on the years with 53 weeks. A retail calendar has 53 weeks once every 6 years or so, to be able to catch up on the 1 missing day it has compared to a regular calendar. When that happens, a retailer might either have 53 weeks where 1 week is not comparable to the year prior or after, since other years are 52 weeks. Alternatively, that week can be restated and ignored for comparison purposes. Restated has that functionality.

Holiday Configuration

You can also configure which country's holidays you would like to see on the retail calendar. It defaults to the United Sates. To change the country, simply select the appropriate country under the View Settings.

These should cover all your configuration needs. Once you have configured the calendar for your business make sure to bookmark the URL, so that you can access it with ease moving forward and can share it with your colleagues.

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