At Toolio, we love Loom! It’s an awesome tool that lets you easily screen share and record videos to aid in asynchronous communication, collaboration and training & education. We use Loom internally with our team and externally with our customers to help us all save time and increase transparency -- instead of writing out long emails, stitching together screenshots or trying to record and edit videos, we just use Loom!

Use Cases

Onboarding: Throughout the onboarding process, we will use Loom videos to increase communication around system set up, train your team on the platform or trouble-shoot any issues with configuration/integration. We ask that you do the same! If you’re having trouble or have questions about the platform that cannot be answered by the Toolio Help Center, share your screen, record a video and send us the link! We’ll respond by doing the same.

Support: Once you’re set up on the platform, we also use Loom on our Customer Support team. If you come across a bug, would like to request a feature, or you have a question that cannot be answered by the Toolio Help Center, record a Loom video explaining your issue and share it through the Toolio Bug Report/Feature Request Link or with your Customer Success Manager.

How to Use Loom

  1. Sign up for Loom using this link. It’s free!
  2. Choose how you want to record:
    Loom Chrome extension
    Loom desktop app
  3. Check out the Loom Help Center for content to help you get started. Here are some helpful links:
    How to start recording with our Loom Chrome extension
    How to share your Loom video
  4. Start recording and sharing with our team!
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