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How to Use Loom Videos for Onboarding & Trouble Shooting
How to Use Loom Videos for Onboarding & Trouble Shooting

Learn how to use Loom to save time and improve transparency and collaboration in your Onboarding process and Customer Support requests

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At Toolio, we love Loom! It’s an awesome tool that lets you easily screen share and record videos to aid in asynchronous communication, collaboration and training & education. We use Loom internally with our team and externally with our customers to help us all save time and increase transparency -- instead of writing out long emails, stitching together screenshots or trying to record and edit videos, we just use Loom!

Use Cases

Onboarding: Throughout the onboarding process, we will use Loom videos to increase communication around system set up, train your team on the platform or trouble-shoot any issues with configuration/integration. We ask that you do the same! If you’re having trouble or have questions about the platform that cannot be answered by the Toolio Help Center, share your screen, record a video and send us the link! We’ll respond by doing the same.

Support: Once you’re set up on the platform, we also use Loom on our Customer Support team. If you come across a bug, would like to request a feature, or you have a question that cannot be answered by the Toolio Help Center, record a Loom video explaining your issue and share it with your Customer Success Manager.

How to Use Loom

  1. Sign up for Loom using this link. It’s free!

  2. Choose how you want to record:
    Loom Chrome extension
    Loom desktop app

  3. Check out the Loom Help Center for content to help you get started. Here are some helpful links:
    How to start recording with our Loom Chrome extension
    How to share your Loom video

  4. Start recording and sharing with our team!

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