Toolio Terminology

You can see the list of terminologies that are commonly used in the Toolio platform below.

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Data Terms


Toolio has core data models that are used to contain data. A model is analogous to different sheets on Excel, but they do not map one to one. Some of Toolio's core models are Sale, Product, Inventory and Purchase Orders. A model can be customized by using attributes.

Each models can be inputted into Toolio with data importing.


Models can have as many attributes as needed for customization. Attributes can be of different types, like text, currency, number or single-select. You can learn more about attributes in the overview document.


Options define the values that single-select attributes can take. For example, Department Attribute can be defined to have the Option Values of Apparel, Footwear and Accessories.


Metrics are used to represent any numerical value, such as Sales, Inventory, Purchase Order or Unit Cost. You can learn more about metrics in the overview document.


Variants define the different measures of a given metric. A variant might be the Plan variant or the Actual variant or Last Year's value or a % of TLL variant, all for the same metric like Gross Sales Units. You can learn more about variants in the overview document.

Workflow Terms


Views are customizable reports that can be generated using the same underlying data. You can learn more about using views in the overview document.

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