Show Date Ranges for a Time Periods

If you want to see the date range for any Time Period on the Toolio grid, you can just click on the three dots on the Time Period header. Once you click there, the Date Range will be available on the Context Menu.

View Formula for a Metric

To view the Formula for how a Metric is calculated, you can simply right click on the Metric name. Upon doing so, the Formula will be displayed within the Context Menu.

Please note that if the Metric is not derived by a fixed formula, 'Merchandise Plan' will be displayed in this section in place of a formula.

Less than locked child values error

This error is returned when you are attempting to update a metric that currently contains locked values. In the instance that you are attempting to adjust a period that has already actualized (in whole or in part), you will need to "Unlock past data" to make adjustments.

If the month you are attempting to adjust has only partially actualized, you can also adjust Time Groups to include weeks - all actualized weeks will be displayed in dark gray.

You can read more about unlocking past data here.

Cannot Edit a Cell

There are a few possibilities for why the cell in question may be read-only. Please first make sure that you are not attempting to adjust past data which has been locked (see above).

A common reason for why a cell is not editable is because the metric has been set as an output. You can read more about Inverse Calculations and Changing Output Metrics.

Not Displaying all Attributes

If you don't see the attribute you want displayed in your plan, you can manually add it to your view. Please note that the most common reason for attributes not being displayed is because there is no historical data available.

By right clicking on the Variant, you can see all existing attributes which are not being displayed and can choose to add it to your view. You can learn more about creating a new planning attribute and adding it to your plan here.

Parent value cannot be less than the new value

This error might happen while doing % of TTL planning, and the most common reason for this to happen would be if you are putting a % that is greater than 100%. For example, if you put in 50, instead of 50%, it would be the same as 5000% and cause this error.

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