While it is best practice to build retail plans using the Retail Calendar for reasons described here, there will be many cases where you will want to project out your plans on the Retail Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar, which is the financial calendar most organizations use.

The main reason for projecting out to the Gregorian Calendar is because the Finance team or external stakeholders will expect projections in the Gregorian Calendar. Thankfully Toolio supports projecting your Retail Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar with the click of a button.

To project your plans, simply click Time Groups > Show Gregorian Projection, and you will be able to see your plans in Gregorian. You can see it in action on the screenshot below.


Can I edit my plans in Gregorian Calendar?

Currently Gregorian Projection is only for reporting purposes, so once you enable Gregorian Projection your plan will become uneditable. If you want to plan in Gregorian instead, you can instead configure your Merchandise Plan to be on the Gregorian Calendar.

What is the accuracy of projections?

Just as it is the case with any projection, the accuracy of Retail Calendar projection to Gregorian Projection will not be 100% accurate, since Toolio only knows your week level plans. However, based on our studies of Actuals data, projections should be within +/- 2% accuracy.

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