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Using Hindsight mode to Compare against Historic Data
Using Hindsight mode to Compare against Historic Data

How to use Hindsight mode in your Assortment Plan to compare against historic values

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Line planning often requires referencing historic data. Toolio makes it easy for you to see historic metrics and attributes side by side when building your line plan.

See a step by step walkthrough below:

Enabling Hindsight mode

To enable Hindsight mode, please make sure that you are selected into an Assortment Plan. By clicking on the Compare button, you will be greeted with options to set a time frame to compare against:

Setting a Time Range

If you are planning within your standard seasonal timeframes, you can easily click into Time Frame and choose the appropriate season.

Alternatively, you can set a custom time range by clicking into the Custom Range menu and selecting start and end dates:

Using and Configuring Hindsight mode

You will then be met with a side by side view showing both historic data as well as your current line plan. Please note that the Hindsight mode can be configured the same way as any other Assortment Plan view. You can read more about customizing Assortment Plan views here.

In particular, you can use the Group By function to achieve Style/CC or Attribute level Hindsight views. In this example, the line plans are grouped by color.

The Hindsight feature is useful when you want to compare line items by specific attributes and evaluate historic data against your current line plan. Hindsight mode also allows you to drag and drop Like for Like items from your historical data into your current line plan. This allows you to easily carry forward attributes and facilitates the creation of new items by copying a similar product from your historic assortment. You can read more about using the Like for Like feature here.

Expanding and exiting Hindsight mode

To expand the Hindsight view, please click on the arrow in between Hindsight mode and your line plan:

To undo the full screen view of Hindsight mode, you can simply click on the arrow on the right of your data:

To exit Hindsight mode altogether, click on the comparison time range and select Exit Compare Mode:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does hindsighting work when I have multiple channels?

Hindsighting will show you performance data broken down by channel. For example, if you're selling your products by store & web channels, in hindsight, the data will be broken down by each channel, and you will be able to see Average Per Week (APW) values per channel.

If you want to see performance by a single channel, you can use filtering to achieve that, simply select channel: web to see sales numbers only for the web channel.


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