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In-Season Planning & Reforecasting Workflows
In-Season Planning & Reforecasting Workflows

Once you create an initial plan, you will likely be reforecasting on a periodic basis. This article covers how Toolio facilitates that.

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Once the sales season starts, you will likely want to make changes on your Original Plan (aka. Pre-Season Plan). This process is also called as In-Season Planning or Reforecasting. Toolio's In-Season Planning Workflows allow you to:

  • Actualize your plans

  • See your progressing towards your Original Plan

  • Update your Working Plan to maintain an accurate Forecast

Exposing Act/Plan Metric

The Plan variant on Toolio, by default, is a non-actualizing variant. This means that, by default, the Plan variant only contains the value that you have set for it. However, once the selling period has started, your initial plan value will not be very relevant in most cases, and you will want to see how a given metric has been actualizing.

Toolio allows you to easily change the Plan variant into the Act/Plan variant by actualizing it. The Act/Plan variant will show the Act value for time periods in the past, and the Plan value for periods in the future; hence giving you the most accurate projection in to quarterly and annual plans. Please follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Scenario Selector & Check Actualize Plan

2. Save this Configuration to the Current View

For In-Season Planning Workflows, Act/Plan will likely be the more relevant variant. To make sure that you always see the Act/Plan variant instead of the Plan, save your updated View, so that Actualize Plan configuration is saved to the View. (See Using Views in Merchandise Planning)

3. Compare forecast (Act/Plan) to Original Plan

After you make changes to your forecast, you will likely want to compare it to the Original Plan. You can achieve this by the Scenario Comparison capability. (See Scenario Playing)

Video Walkthrough

Finally here is a Video Walkthrough that puts all of these steps together.

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