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Understanding the Product Mix feature
Understanding the Product Mix feature

How to use the Product Mix feature to understand and evaluate your Assortment Plan

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Toolio's Assortment Plan module makes it easy to evaluate your Product Mix on the fly. This allows for easy visualization of the product distribution by attribute in your assortment plan as you make changes or build your plan.

Please find a walkthrough below:

First, you will need to make sure you have selected into an assortment plan. Once you are at the line planning view of an assortment plan, you will see the Assortment Plan Rollup section. Please click on the dropdown arrow to expose the Product Mix for your assortment plan.

Once the Assortment Rollup and Product Mix sections have been expanded, you will be able to visualize your current assortment plan's product distribution.

To change the attribute which your Product Mix is configured, please change your attribute groupings. For example, in the screenshot below we adjusted the View to Group By the attribute Color. You can learn more about using the Group By function here.

You can further configure your Product Mix by specifying the Metrics and Time Groups.

By clicking on each Product Mix, you will be able to see a summary with aggregated values:

As you make edits to your assortment plan, the Product Mix will be populated automatically to reflect your changes upon saving.
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