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Exporting Assortment Plans

How to export your assortment plan outside of Toolio

Updated over a week ago

Now that you've built an assortment plan, you may need to share it externally or use them for PO submissions. You can easily export your data in .csv, .xls, and .xml formats.


To export the contents of a single assortment plan, make sure you have first navigated to the plan. Simply right click on any row of data within your line plan, and navigate to the Export menu where you can then select your desired file format.

Please note that any active groupings or filters will be exported. Please also make sure to save all metrics and attributes of interest to your view prior to exporting.

In the case that you would like to export your Assortment Plan Summary data, you can follow the same process on the Assortment Plan Summary level:

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