Flowing On Order to Receipts

Part of the in-season planning process is flowing On Order into Receipts, when you know you cannot affect the receipts.

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As a retailer, sometimes you might not have the ability to cancel or move the due date of items that you already have On Order. In such cases, you will want to accept what you have On Order as your Receipt Plan.

Toolio allows you to "Flow On Order to Receipt", i.e. move what you have On Order to the Receipt Plan easily. By doing so, you can see your projected inventory, given the current On Order.

Below are the steps to accomplish this:

  1. Before you "Flow On Order to Receipt", we recommend checking the box to "Actualize Plan" to enable the Act/Plan variant.

  2. Select the time range, indicating the time you cannot alter the On Order for, on the Grid

  3. Right click on the Grid

  4. Press Functions > Flow On Order to Receipts

  5. There will be a loading indicator and the page will refresh

  6. When the page reloads, you will see that On Order is equal to Receipt Plan, which will make your Open to Buy equal to 0.

Please see below for a screenshot of how to accomplish this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Receipts Numbers are not Matching On Order for the first time period

If you have done "Flow On Order to Receipts", and for the first period the On Order is not matching Receipts, make sure that you are in the in-season mode, i.e. you have clicked "Actualize Plan".

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