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Using Groups to Plan on Multiple Levels
Using Groups to Plan on Multiple Levels

How to use Grouping to change the way you view or build your item plans

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Utilizing Toolio’s attribute-based approach to planning, you can dynamically change the groups you use to view or build your item plans.

To specify the Attributes by which you want to see your data, select the order of their position in the hierarchy, and Toolio will dynamically change your plan hierarchy on the fly.

Adding Groups

Within Item Planning, you can easily select any attributes you would like displayed on the Groups menu.


To add a new attribute to the grouping, select Add Row and choose the attribute. Please note that the order of these attributes can be adjusted by directly dragging the columns.


Pivot Data in Item Planning

In the Group by menu you are also able to create a Pivot view by simply dragging any rows to columns and vice versa through the Group menu. For example, drag Metrics to the columns section.

Show Totals

In Toolio, you are easily able to see the Totals within your View. This is a helpful way to see the total values of each metric for all of the items you are viewing.


Once the Groups and Columns are selected and in the order you’d like to see, you will be able to see your plan broken down accordingly. Be sure to update your View accordingly. You can learn more about updating Views here.

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