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Pivoting Data in Item Plan
Pivoting Data in Item Plan

How to use Pivot views to transform your data and build dynamic reports.

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In Item Planning, you have the flexibility to adjust how your data is formatted. Pivot view allows you to quickly make comparisons across metrics, attributes, and time groups for your items.

To utilize the Pivot view, click on the Group menu and simply drag the options from the Rows section to the Columns section, and vice versa.

Adjusting pivot view by grouping in Toolio's Item Plan module

Once you move an option to display as a Column, click out of the menu and see your changes reflected within your Item Plan. For example, here we have moved the Metrics to display as Columns. By clicking and dragging in the Group menu you are able to easily adjust the order of your options in the Pivot view.

Adjusting pivot view for metrics and time groups in Toolio's Item Plan module

Check out this video for a quick demonstration of Pivot views in action!

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