When building a new Item Plan in Toolio, Seeding allows you to populate your current plan with historical data, respecting seasonality curves. From this point you’re able to adjust your plans to account for planned growth and improvements you plan to make this year. Scroll down to see a walkthrough of this process live.

How to Seed Your Item Plan

To Seed your plan, select the Time Range that you would like to Seed from. This is the period of historical data that you would like to pull.

Next, select the items that you would like to generate Item Plans for. Check the boxes on the left to select multiple items. This may be particularly useful if you want to seed all products matching a specific attribute in bulk.

Once you have selected your items, right click on an item and click "x" Rows Selected > Seed.

You will see a pop-up window called Seed Item Plan where you will be able to validate the number of items selected and the Source Time Range. Note that the Source Time Range will populate with the dates that you selected in the View itself.

The final step is to select the Target Date range

To see the Seeding result and make adjustments to your Item Plans, adjust the View to see the Target Time Range.


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