To help get you started, all modules in Toolio come preconfigured with Out of the Box views. These views serve as useful templates to help structure your planning and reporting workflows. Out of the box views are always prefaced by “Toolio” and locked by default. You can easily save a copy of these views and adjust them to fit your workflow.

In Merchandise Plan, you will find Out of the Box views in both the Plan and Pivot sections:

Plan Views



Suggested Workflow

Toolio - Data Validation

Shows actual metrics from your imported Sales, Inventory, and Purchase Order data

Post Import Data Validation during your Merchandise Plan Onboarding

Toolio - Finance

High level financial overview highlighting differences between in actual, planned, and last year performance

In-season and pre-season financial reporting

Toolio - In-Season Planning

Detailed comparison of in-season actuals vs planned values

In-season performance evaluation and plan adjustments

Toolio - Monthly Actuals

Actual values for key metrics at the month level time group

Reference actualized values from historic time periods

Toolio - Open to Buy

Displays detailed inventory and purchase order metrics to drive Open to Buy values

In-season inventory and PO planning

Toolio - Pre-Season Planning

In depth sales, inventory, and receipts metrics to support your pre-season planning workflows

Pre-season merchandise and financial planning

Pivot Views



Suggested Workflow

Toolio - Choice Planning

High level choice (# of products) planning by product hierarchy

Top line financial planning of new products (choices)

Toolio - Last 4 Weeks

In-season financial reporting focusing on % to total and % variance to last year's performance - broken down by product hierarchy

Weekly/monthly performance reporting

As previously mentioned, you can easily create a new view using any of the above as a starting point. You can simply navigate through the view selector > View Options > Save As. You can then rename the view and make any edits to the metrics, variants, filters, and grouping options according to your workflow. Please read more about using views in Merchandise Plan here.

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