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Spread Management in Assortment Planning
Spread Management in Assortment Planning

The Spread Management feature allows you to easily break down style level plans to the size and channel levels

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Once you have built your pre season plans at the color level, you will want to distribute your planned units down to different sizes and channels. While this can be a tedious and manual task in Excel, Toolio streamlines this workflow through the Spread Management feature in the Assortment Planning module.

In addition, this feature allows for seamless creation of new SKUs which can be auto-generated to fit your nomenclature. Upon saving your size and channel level spreads, the SKU level plan will also be pushed to the Item Planning module.

Please see here for an outline on how to configure your spreads as well as an overview of the feature below:


Once you have finished building your Assortment Plan, you will need to first make sure that you have assigned a spread value for your product (i.e. Size Scale, Channel, Store).

Once you have assigned Spread values, you can simply right click on the product row and select "Manage Spreads."

You will then be shown the Spread Management menu (this example includes 3 spreads: Size, Channel, and Store).

Please note that the weight distribution will be reflective of the values you defined in your spread configuration (see below) and will automatically distribute the total planned units for the product accordingly. You are able to make adjustments to any particular size, channel, or store - by either adjusting the units or percentage distribution directly through the Spread Management menu.

As demonstrated above, your SKUs will also be created automatically according to the SKU generation logic you have defined on the "Process" tab of your Configuration Worksheet.

Once you are finished configuring your spreads, please make sure to press save. The new SKUs will now be pushed to the Item Planning module, where you can edit SKU level forecasts at an even finer granularity.


During the Assortment Planning Onboarding process, you will configure size scales and channel spreads in the "Spreads" tab of your configuration worksheet. This is where you will define the type of Spread, the Attributes and Options included in the Spread, the Spread Name, as well as the weight distribution for each size/channel in the spread and the Option Abbreviation (for SKU generation purposes). Please see an example configuration here.


I am putting a size spread, however all the sizes % are distributed uniformly

This happens when you don't have any Gross Sales Units on the Line Item. Please make sure that you have Gross Sales Units Plan, either by setting it directly or setting Average Per Week values.

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