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Generate Assortment Plan from Item Plan
Generate Assortment Plan from Item Plan

How to generate Assortment Plan line items from Item Plan

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Planning for core items will primarily take place in the Item Planning module. Once these items have been planned for a given season, you can push them into Assortment Planning to see your entire assortment (core and seasonal) in one view.

Overriding Placeholders in Assortment Plan

This process will override any relevant placeholder items. Toolio will automatically identify and override placeholders in AP based on the launch date and color choice ID. The metrics, launch date, planned weeks, and External ID will be updated and all other attributes will remain unchanged when overriding a placeholder line.

Steps to Generate Assortment Plan from Item Plan

Select a Season

In Item Plan, use the Time Frame selector to choose the season that you are planning.

Select the Appropriate Items

Once you have planned your sales forecasts and receipts for these items, select the relevant lines. Right click on the selection and click โ€œXโ€ Rows Selected > Generate Assortment Plan.

Navigate to Assortment Plan

Next, navigate to Assortment Plan and either generate a new assortment or select a pre-created assortment for the respective attributes and season.

View the Assortment

The line items that you pushed from Item Plan will display in the assortment and will include the season specific launch date, planned weeks, and the planned sales and receipts. Using the Rollup feature, you can easily identify how your current assortment is rolling up to your Merchandise Plans.

Status in Assortment Plan

Once the item has been pushed into Assortment Plan, the line's status will be updated to Generated from Item Plan. You can expose the Status field in Assortment Plan by editing the View.

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