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New Assortment Line Doesn't Show in Assortment
New Assortment Line Doesn't Show in Assortment

What to do when adding a row in Assortment Plan does not display a new line

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When clicking Add Row in Assortment Plan a new line will appear on the page. If you add a new row and do not see a new row added to the page, please confirm the following:

Confirm column sorting preferences

Depending on the column you are sorted by, the new assortment line may show at the top or bottom of the page. Column sorting is indicated by the arrow next to the column name. Toggle between ascending/descending, or remove the sort altogether, by clicking on the column name.

Confirm that you do not have any filters set

If the view has filters assigned, the new row will be filtered out since it does not have relevant attributes. Removing the filter will show the new blank assortment line in the view.

In the example below, if we were filtered for Color = Black, the new line would not display since there is not yet a color assigned.

If you are grouped by an attribute, the new line will inherit the attribute(s) of the group. In this example, the new row created will automatically have a color value of "Black." We would then be able to filter by Color = Black and see the row display properly.

You can group by multiple levels to assign multiple attributes at one time for new assortment lines.

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