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Planning by % of TTL in Merchandise Plan
Planning by % of TTL in Merchandise Plan

Plan your hierarchy with percentages by utilizing the % of TTL variant

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Percentage of Total (% of TTL) Plan represents the planned value as a percentage of its parent. An example could be the percentage Footwear department makes as a percentage of the Women's division. Using % of TTL to plan enables you to establish penetration goals across attributes within Merchandise Plan.

Adding % of TTL Variant

Like all Variants in Toolio, % of TTL can be added via the Metric or Variant menu in the View selector.

Planning % of TTL

To plan by % of TTL, simply enter the the intended percentage into the grid. Note that percentages can either be entered as a decimal (0.5) or with the percent symbol (50%).

As you enter percentages into the grid, the percentage will remain as it was entered. We recommend entering values that add up to 100%, so that upon save the percentages will remain.

If the percentage values that you enter do not add up to 100%, upon save Toolio will auto-scale the values so they sum to 100%, while maintaining the same proportions.

Auto-Scaling % of TTL while Planning

If you'd like the percentages to automatically scale to 100% while you are entering percentages, you can lock the parent cell at 100%.

Here is a quick video to see the functionality in action:

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