Using the Reallocate Function

How to reallocate planned values into another attribute option

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In some cases, you may want to reallocate planned values from one attribute option into another.

A common use case for this function is when you want to move Uncategorized plan values into an existing attribute option. If you are instead trying to address Uncategorized Actual values, please review the Managing Imported Data and Data Validation FAQs.


  1. Use the Group By menu to expose the attribute option plan values you would like to reallocate. In this example, we want to move the Uncategorized Subclass plan under the Women Division and the Clothing Department; our goal is to reallocate them into the COLD WEATHER Subclass.

  2. Right click on the attribute option you want to reallocate, and select Reallocate from the menu.

3. Once the Reallocate Attribute menu is open, you will then see a selection menu with all of the attribute options you can reallocate your source values to.

In this example, we will only be selecting the COLD WEATHER Subclass but you can also select multiple options. In the case that more than one attribute option is selected, the values from the source attribute option will be evenly distributed across all selected target options. Please click Reallocate when you are finished selecting your options.

4. The page will refresh and you will see that the plan values have been reallocated from the source attribute option plan into the target option(s). Your changes have been automatically saved.

In our case, you can see that all values previously under the Uncategorized Subclass have been moved into COLD WEATHER. Additionally, the Uncategorized line has been automatically removed from the view.

5. Now that our plan values have been reallocated, you can may want to make more granular adjustments to your plan distribution by using the planning by % to TTL feature in Toolio.

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