Forecast Profiles can be used to streamline your forecasting workflows, by setting default forecasting preferences for specific groups of items.

Rather than selecting manual inputs for each forecast preference (Seasonality Method, Plan Year, Scenario, Seasonality Groups, Volume Methods, etc.) each time you forecast an item or group of items, these profiles enable you to create a one-time profile to generate your forecasts.

When you forecast in Item Plan, you will be prompted to use your default Forecast Profiles or override these defaults for a one time forecast.


Navigate to the Item Plan dropdown and select Forecast Profiles.

Click on Add Profile on the top right and fill out the forecast details:

Filters control the items that will be forecasted according to this profile. Note that filter selection must be unique (i.e. two forecast profiles cannot have overlapping filters).

Details on the other forecast selections can be found here.

Once you have added each profile this process is complete. When you forecast in Item Plan and select "Use Defaults", the relevant profile will be used.

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