Launch Date and Planned Weeks Fall Inside of Assortment

When viewing an assortment, you may notice certain lines have a Launch Date that falls outside of the assortment timeframe. The inputs for Launch Date and Planned Weeks ultimately dictate which assortment lines will display at one time.

Here is an example of how this would play out:

The dates for this assortment are 2022 Q4 (7/31/2022 - 10/29/2022). The first line of the assortment has a launch date of 6/2/2022. This date is prior to the start of the time frame, however since the Planned Weeks of this line are set to 13 the duration of this item will extend into Q4 (since 13 weeks from 6/2/2022 is 9/1/2022).

If you want to filter out these lines, you can do so by adding a filter for Launch Date is greater than "x".

Launch Date and Planned Weeks is Outside of Assortment

In a similar example, you may notice certain lines have a yellow flag on the Launch Date field. This flag will show the message "Launch Date falls outside of the start and end dates of the assortment."

In this instance, the Launch Date and Planned Weeks will fall outside of the current assortment (following the example above, the Planned Weeks were changed to 1). Likely, one of these values was updated while editing and the new criteria would flag the line.

Upon save and refresh, this line will no longer display in the current assortment.

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