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Welcome to the Toolio Help Center. Please reference this article if this is your first time accessing the Help Center or Toolio.
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Here at Toolio we have structured our help center to better guide and facilitate your journey to becoming a Toolio expert. You will find that the Toolio Help Center is organized around core merchandising concepts like Merchandise Planning (top-down), Item Planning (bottom-up), and Assortment Planning. Along with other help center collections focused on configurations, integrations, and other relevant help content for onboarding with Toolio.

With all new users we have a recommended approach to learning and applying Toolio rocket science retailing, and that starts with building a solid foundation around Toolio terminology, data models, and core features & workflows within Toolio.

To prepare for launch we recommend that you review and become comfortable with the content in our Getting Started WIth Toolio collection of help content. Cementing a strong foundational understanding in Toolio terminology, data models, and how we use and apply attributes, options, metrics, and variants will not only be your first step in becoming a power user, but it will also help with your onboarding process to Toolio.

You will notice that several of our help content collections begin with such articles as Toolio 101, or Merchandise Plan 101. These 101 help articles are a great place to start, as they will expose you to key concepts relevant to that module, or collection of help articles.

Help center collections are organized in the following way:

  • Overview Section - always start here to build foundational knowledge

  • Features - a comprehensive collection of module related features

  • Workflows - a comprehensive collection of module related workflows

  • New Feature Release - a collection of module related new releases throughout the year

  • New Workflow Release - a collection of module related new releases throughout the year

  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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