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Assortment Plan - % to Receipt Planning
Assortment Plan - % to Receipt Planning

Out Of Box Views in Assortment Plan Module to help build workflows and process.

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Building your assortments will require collaboration between the merchant/buying teams and the planning teams.

Merchant and Buying teams will be reviewing designs, new products, market trends, collections and gaps to fill in the market space. Whereas, the Planning teams will be using all relevant data to derive buy quantity, when to deliver, missed opportunities, breaks in inventory and channel penetration.

Building your assortment based on % to Total (penetration)

The Toolio - % to Receipt Planning view is set up to build your assortment based on style and style color penetration. This View is helpful for businesses that may have a higher percentage of fashion items, short life cycles and a large amount of customer choices. It can also be helpful in making adjustments after reviews with the broader team or new topline sales trends. In this view the inputs will be an overall Gross Sales target, % to TTL plan, Gross ST Units and Planned Weeks (for building a weekly plan if pushing to Item Plan).




Receipts Ticket - Plan

Based on a target from either the Merchandise Plan Topline or goals you are setting. This can be entered at the Total or and grouped Subtotal.

Receipt Ticket - Plan at the level below your grouping or Total.

% of TTL Plan

The % of business you want your item to represent to the total or grouping.

Receipts Ticket - Plan

Gross ST% Units

The amount of your buy that you will sell in the planned weeks.

Gross Sales Units - Plan

Planned Weeks

The weeks you want it to live before your next buy.

By week plan if pushed to Item Plan


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