Assortment Plan - Timeline Attribute

Visualization of product life cycle within your assortment.

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Merchant/Buying teams are reviewing assortment composition while developing the line. Visualization of the assortment is key to help navigate the assortment and the timing of product deliveries.

The Timeline attribute in the Assortment Plan Module visually shows the weeks that the item is planned for.


The line section of the Timeline attribute are at the Group by level and highlight the increase/decrease of the items that are grouped.

The dots are filled in blue when the item will launch (based on the launch date) and each week it is in the assortment.

Toolio out of the box views

In the Toolio - 03. Timeline View we have included the Timeline attribute to give a template you can use or Save As with your own metrics and Group by’s.

The Toolio - Color Story view is an example showing how your colors are flowing in by style. On the below screenshot, the color metallic has 2 styles that deliver at different times in the season. Working with your cross-functional teams you can make decisions on marketing campaigns or delivery dates.

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