Importing an Item Plan

See the steps below to import an Plan created outside of the platform into Toolio

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There might be cases where you want to import a plan you have created outside of Toolio. `Import an Item Plan` capability allows you to accomplish that.

Importing a Item Plan Steps

1. Download the Item Plan Template

To Import a Item Plan, you first need to get your plan information in a format that Toolio can understand. We use a template, similar to the core data import templates to achieve that. For reference you can see the Item Plan feed documentation and a sample plan feed. Once you fill in the data in the requested format, you can download it as CSV and move on the next step.

2. Import the Item Plan

Importing the Item Plan is simple. You can access the import functionality in the Item Plan module under Plan > ⋮ > Import Item Plan

Importing Item Plan

3. Track progress of the Import

Once you Import your Item Plan, it will be visible in the "Data & Imports" section. Below is a screenshot of what it would look like.

Once the Import task is complete, you will see the plan data show up in your Item Plan.


What is the granularity that I need my plans in to be able to import to Toolio?

To import plans into Toolio, these have to be at the lowest level of granularity, i.e

SKU x Week x Metric x Other Attributes (e.g. Location) on Item Plan

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