You may have already pushed a new choice from Assortment Plan into Item Plan and need to now update the attributes or identifiers (i.e. product id, variant id) tied to those items. This can be particularly useful if you had previously used a placeholder for attributes that contribute to your SKU generation logic (such as color code or fabric type).

Please see the steps outlined below:

  1. Make updates to the choice in Assortment Plan by selecting the attributes you'd like to edit.

  2. If these attribute updates will impact your Variant Ids (SKUs) or Product Ids, please make sure to utilize the "Re-create SKU(s)" function in Assortment Plan.

    For example, if your SKUs are generated according to {Style}-{Color}-{Size}, changing the Style (Product Id) or Color would impact your identifiers.

  3. Save all changes

  4. Select the item(s) you want to update attributes/identifiers for, right click into the function menu, and select "Generate Item Plan"

  5. Make sure to check "Only Update Product/Variant Attributes." Otherwise, you will override any changes to the plan values which may have already been made in Item Plan within the time frame defined.

After completing the steps outlined above, you will update any identifiers and attributes in Item Plan while maintaining any existing plan values and seasonality in Item Plan.

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