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Reconcile Merchandise Plan & Item Plan
Reconcile Merchandise Plan & Item Plan

Overview of reconciliation feature and out of the box views to compare your top down and bottom up plans.

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In Item Plan, you have the ability to easily reconcile against your Merchandise Plan. Clicking on the three dots on the top right of the grid will show the option to Reconcile Merchandise Plan. This feature can easily be seen on our out of the box view called Toolio - IP <> MP Reconciliation.

Checking this box will expose new variants for MP Plan and % Var Plan vs. MP Plan. On the MP Plan line, you will see your Top Down Merchandise Plan values for that specific level of granularity. The Plan line, shows the Bottom Up Item Plan for that same level of granularity. The % Var Plan vs. MP Plan will show the % difference.

For example, in the screenshot below, we are looking at the plan for Women > Clothing > Outerwear.

Please note that the two plans will not automatically reconcile in this view. The purpose is to highlight the difference between the two plans. You always have the option of increasing or decreasing your Plan line within this view to reconcile the two plans. Alternatively, you can return to your Merchandise Plan and adjust your top down plans.

Adjusting the Level of Granularity

Use the Group By menu to adjust the level of granularity that you'd like to see. Note that you will only see MP Plan values for attributes that are present in your Merchandise Plan.

Scenario Playing

Since the same scenarios exist within Item Plan and Merchandise Plan, you can reconcile certain scenarios against each other. All you need to do is change the scenario, and check Reconcile Merchandise Plan.

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When I do reconciliation, which scenario from Merchandise Plan is being used?

As you are reconciling, you can select which Merchandise Plan scenario you want to reconcile to.

The MP reconciliation numbers displayed in Item Plan, do not exactly match the plan values from Merchandise Plan

While doing reconciliation, Item Plan pulls in all the categorized, i.e. excluding (Uncategorized) values from Merchandise Plan. So, if you have plans on Merchandise Plan that are not falling under any option, those will be ignored in the reconciliation process.

Why can I not see my Merchandise Plan values even if I have selected reconciliation?

When you are reconciling between Item Plan and Merchandise Plan, it is important that the attributes you have in Group By are available in Merchandise Plan as well. For example, if your merchandise planning attributes are Division, Department and Class, you can only reconcile if all your Group By attributes in Item Plan are in this list,

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