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Gallery View
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You can now visualize your assortment within the assortment plan module using Gallery View. Within Gallery View, you can select specific attributes, filter, group, and sort your data while keeping assortment imagery front and center!

To access the gallery view: Click the grid icon on the top right corner of the screen or select Gallery View in the view selector.

Within Toolio, you have two different ways you can visualize your assortment in gallery view. Gallery dense view will display lines in a more compact format vs gallery view.

Gallery View

Gallery Dense View

Utilizing filters, group by, sort, and time selection within Gallery View

Once in the view, you will be able to utilize the filter, group by, sort, and time selection functionality that you are used to within the assortment plan.

Gallery View Walkthrough


How can I export the gallery view?

You can have scheduled deliveries of your gallery view using Scheduled Report Deliveries.

For very large views, e.g. 400+ items, where Scheduled Delivery is not working as expected, you could the chrome extension, Go Full Page as well. Below is how it would work.

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