Locking A Scenario within Toolio

In Toolio you have the ability to lock a scenario. This means the specific scenario will become read only and not able to be edited. Say, for example, you and your team finished your total year plan and want to save it for comparison purposes. You can save the scenario and then lock it.

To lock a scenario, navigate to the upper right of your Toolio Screen and click on the scenario button. This will open a menu where you will see the option "Lock Scenario". Clicking this button will now lock the specific scenario, meaning it is now read only. To undo this action, navigate to the same menu and select unlock scenario.

Locking and Permissions within Toolio

Locking only applies to users with Editor permissions. Admin users will always have the permission to edit a scenario, even if it is locked. Furthermore, when a new scenario is created by a specific user the scenario will automatically be locked for other users. In this instance, only the creator or users with admin permissions will be able to unlock the scenario for team collaboration.

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