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Snapshots in Merchandise Plan
Snapshots in Merchandise Plan
Toolio offers you to take snapshots of your plans and revisit any time in future as you like.
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Snapshots are very similar to how scenarios work. Main difference is that users can take snapshot of metrics and some metrics depend on actual values (e.g open to buy). The snapshots use values of the scenario as well as actuals at the time.

Creating a Snapshot

In order to create a snapshot:

  1. Go to Merchandise Plan > Scenarios > New Scenario

  2. Enter a name for your Snapshot Scenario

  3. Then click Snapshot checkbox to create a Snapshot Scenario

  4. Finally Click on Create.

Accessing a saved Snapshot

You can either use Show Other Scenarios to compare your snapshot to your current plan or you can directly open the snapshot scenario using Change Scenario option.

All actuals in the selected snapshot scenario comes from the associated scenario instead of current actuals.

Note that the Snapshot scenario will have a camera icon next to it and they are read-only.

To access a saved snapshot that:

  1. Go to Merchandise Plan > Scenarios > Show Other Scenarios

  2. Then select the saved snapshot scenario


  1. Go to Merchandise Plan > Scenarios > Change Scenario

  2. Then select the saved snapshot scenario

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