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Replenishment Configuration

You can create organization level replenishment configuration or manage this granularly at product level.

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You can add Replenishment Configuration at Organization Level or at Item Level for granular settings

Setting Org Level Configuration

Go to Settings > Replenishment

Enter in your Order Cycle, Lead Time, Safety Stock, MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) and MOQ Group (Color, Size, or Style).

This will apply by default to all Generate Receipts workflows unless you specify Product / Variant level configuration or override configuration while generating receipts.

Setting Variant Level Configuration

Setting Variant Level Config Manually

You can go to Master Data / Product & Variant and select the Toolio - Core Attributes out of the box view. There you can update all replenishment configuration as highlighted below.

Setting Variant Level Config via Product & Variant Import

Alternatively you can import your replenishment configuration as along with your product & variant import. Please see what this file looks like here.


What is the prioritization between Organization Level vs. Variant Level Replenishment Configuration

Prioritization is as follows:

  • Variant Level > Organization Level

Specifically, if you have variant level replenishment settings Toolio will use that while replenishing, and if it's not available, it will default to the Organization Level settings.

When trying to generate receipts I am getting a GraphQL Error: "Please create replenishment configuration on organization level to use variant configurations"

This error is populating due to missing replenishment configuration. Please follow either of the two methods detailed above to enter in a replenishment configuration. If you are wanting to bypass using a replenishment set, under the Replenishment Configuration select Override Defaults.

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