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Pushing Choices from Product Master into Assortment Plan
Pushing Choices from Product Master into Assortment Plan

How to push products from your Toolio Product Master Data into the Assortment Plan Module

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Just like how you’re able to push items from Master Data directly into Item Plan, you can now push items from Master Data into Assortment Plan, where they will populate at the choice level! This allows you to easily add new/seasonal items which may have been created in your PLM or ERP directly into your Assortment Plan.

Pushing from Product Master to AP

To get started, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your Product & Variant master, select all SKUs of the choice you’d like to push, and click ‘Add to Assortment Plan.’

    Since you will be pushing at the choice level, please make sure that you have selected every SKU/size beneath each choice selected. An easy way to ensure that you select all SKUs beneath a choice would be to simply group by your choice attributes. For example, you can group by Product Id and Color so that you can easily select all sizes which fall beneath each Style-Color.

  2. You will then be prompted to specify the season/time frame you want the choices to be pushed to. Make your selection and click 'Add.'

  3. The choice(s) will populate automatically into any existing assortments which fit the product attribute and time frame definition. Please navigate directly to your Assortment Plan module and open or create an assortment to see the choices you just pushed!


How is Launch Date assigned?

The Assortment Plan Launch Date for the choice you are pushing into Toolio AP will default to the start date of the target time frame selected.

How are Size Spreads assigned?

Since you are pushing from the SKU level in your Product Master to the Choice level in Assortment Plan, you will find that Toolio will assign a Size Spread for any lines pushed this way. Toolio will simply create a placeholder Size Spread that encompasses any sizes you pushed for the particular choice. By default, these sizes will be weighted evenly. You can either adjust the weight manually, or assign an existing size spread to the line.

How can I easily identify the products I want to push from Product Master to AP?

You can either utilize product/variant attributes, or take advantage of the 'Import Job' field:

  • For example, if you have just imported new products from your PLM into the Product Master, you can utilize a specific field (i.e. Launch Season) to filter for those products (i.e. Launch Season = SP23)

  • Alternatively, you can use the 'Import Job' field in Toolio Product Master Data. This is a field where Toolio automatically records the import file name/id that last updated a SKU. You can easily filter for a particular import file to see all of the products created/updated by it.

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