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Minimum Display Quantity
Minimum Display Quantity
Ensure that your stores have the inventory needed to always have in stock.
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In the allocation process it can be a necessity to have a certain amount of stock in certain stores regardless of sales patterns. In some cases you may want to ensure that you have a full size run at any given time or a particular depth per sku on an initial allocation. This is where our MDQ (minimum display quantity) profile feature comes into play.

This is currently exclusive to the Allocation Module. So, make sure that Allocation is enabled on your Toolio account, and let your customer success manager know if you would like this module to be turned on.


Allocation generates the stock needed for each sku for each store. However, there are cases when you want a specific level of inventory in your stores of certain skus. Whether it be for of a never out of stock program, a table display or an initial allocation of a new floorset. MDQ profiles can be used to ensure these requirements are met.


Store 1 has 2 units of sku_a and needs 10 units based on the forecast, however the MDQ set up for this sku in this store is 15. In this case the transfer order created will be 13 instead of 10 units.

To set up your profiles go to the settings page and select MDQ Profiles.

You can click the ADD button in the top right corner to enter in your parameters for the profile.

From here you can name, add filters and designate the sizes and MDQs. You can also edit a profile by right-clicking and select Edit.

These profiles can be set up for select stores and products. They will be respected when you have the Use Default MDQ Profiles enabled on the Generate In Transit function when you are in your allocation views.

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