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Adding Custom Derived Metrics
Adding Custom Derived Metrics

How to configure and add new derived metrics

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Toolio leverages a library of metrics and variants which are at your disposal to customize planning and reporting workflows in Merchandise Plan and Item Plan. Continue reading to learn more about the distinction between Core vs. Derived metrics, and how to add custom derived metrics in your Settings menu.

Core vs. Derived Metrics

It is important to understand that there are 2 distinct kinds of metrics: core and derived. Please find their details and differences outlined below:

Metric Type




A metric with a formula definition that directly references a field/attribute from data imports.

Gross Sales Retail is calculated by directly aggregating the values from the sales_retail field on your sales imports.


A metric with a formula definition that calculates off of other existing metrics (core or derived).

Gross Sales Ticket is calculated by summing Gross Sales Retail + Discounts + Markdowns, which are all core metrics.

Adding new Derived Metrics

Now that we've made the distinction between Core and Derived metrics, let's jump into how you can add new Derived metrics directly from your Settings menu. Just navigate to Settings > Metrics.

From here, you can view all of your existing metrics and definitions, as well as see the slug value associated with each metric. These slugs are what you will use in the formula definitions. Upon clicking the 'Add' button, you will be prompted to enter the following:




Display Name

How you would like to see the metric displayed in the tool.

Contribution Margin %


A unique reference to the metric that is used in metric formula definition. All Toolio out of the box metrics will have slugs that match the display name by simply using _ and spelling out 'percentage.' It is highly recommended that you follow the same format.



How you would like the metric to be calculated, using parenthesis, operators (+, -, *, /), and {} when referencing other metrics. Please also be sure to reference slug values of other metrics when defining your formula.

({gross_sales_retail} - {gross_sales_cost})/{gross_sales_retail}


How you would like the metric to be displayed. You can select from currency, percent, or number.


In our example here, your configuration would look like the following:

You will then see a confirmation that the metric was created successfully upon hitting the create button. In case there are any errors in your formula, you may see that a Syntax error is shown in red - if so, please review your formula and reach out to the Toolio Customer Success team if you need support.

That's it! Your newly created metric is now available for use. You will see it populate in your Settings > Metrics menu and available to be added to any view in MP and IP:

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