15 articles
Reconcile Merchandise Plan & Item PlanOverview of reconciliation feature and out of the box views to compare your top down and bottom up plans.
Generate Inventory in Merchandise PlanHow to update Inventory automatically or manually
Grouping & Dynamic HierarchyHow to use Grouping and Dynamic Hierarchy to change the way you view or build your plans
Forecasting in Merchandise PlanHow to use the forecast function to generate gross sales plans.
Creating a Planning AttributeIf you want to updates the Attributes that you plan by, please see the steps below.
Filtering DataRead here to see how you can filter data on Toolio
Moving Data from Toolio into ExcelToolio supports the ability to copy data from Excel files and to paste directly into Toolio, and vice versa.
Understanding Open To BuyUsing Open To Buy metrics to improve your inventory management workflow
Reset Plan Values
Seeding Your Plan Using Historical DataLeverage historical information or data from another attribute to create new plans.
Time-Based (horizontal) Planning and SpreadingSet top time-based metrics and spread them over individual months and weeks
Bottom-Up PlanningPlan bottom-up by setting lower level metrics and rolling up its impacts to higher levels in your hierarchy
Planning by % of TTL in Merchandise PlanPlan your hierarchy with percentages by utilizing the % of TTL variant
Using the Reallocate FunctionHow to reallocate planned values into another attribute option
Adding & Managing Conditional Formatting RulesHow to add Conditional Formatting Rules to improve data visualization