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Item Planning
Item Planning

Covers how to use the Item Planning module, provides an overview of the features and SKU planning workflows.

31 articles

Forecasting in Item PlanHow to use the forecast function to generate demand plans for products.
Forecasting Features in Toolio WebinarJoin our VP of Planning, Chris Conroy, as he walks through forecasting functionalities in Toolio
Seeding Item Plan to Merchandise Plan
Forecasting New Choices from AP to IPHow to use the Like for Like method in our Item Plan forecast function to generate demand plans for new choices built in Assortment Plan.
Forecasting Function - Size SpreadHow to use the Size Spread field in our Item Plan forecast function to generate demand plans using size spreads.
Choosing the Right Forecast MethodA guide for the multiple methods of forecasting
Pushing Products into Item PlanHow to generate Item Plan lines from Products/Variant
Constrain Sales by Inventory
Validating Seasonal Buys with Topline PlansPush Assortment Plan Buys to Item Plan to validate all metrics against your Merch Plan
Function - Update PricesItem Planning incorporates cost & price information from the Product Master and / or Pricing Table. This article explains the details.
Generating Receipts in Item PlanHow to use the Generate Receipts feature to generate receipt plans and guide Purchase Order creation.
Generating Receipts using a Minimum Unit ThresholdUse the Min/Max function to ensure that your inventory position remains above a minimum threshold
Generate Inventory Function in Item PlanHow to update Receipts or Inventory without generating a new receipt plan.
Generate Assortment Plan from Item PlanHow to generate Assortment Plan line items from Item Plan
Top Down & Bottom Up Planning In Item PlanItem Plan allows you to plan at any level within the hierarchy, either top-down or bottom-up from the SKU level up.
Generating Size Spreads in Item PlanItem Plan allows you to generate a size spread based on historical or recent sales information. Please see this article on how.
Importing an Item PlanSee the steps below to import an Plan created outside of the platform into Toolio
Core & Seasonal Planning WorkflowsThis article highlights how to plan for core and seasonal products, and the workflows between Item Plan and Assortment Plan modules