Toolio is a next-generation merchandising buying platform to simplify the buying process. Buyers in large retailers use various tools (often spreadsheets) ranging from assortment planning tools to budgeting tools that are often disconnected and not visual. Toolio's goal is to centralize these tools and give buyers a central dashboard to plan and execute on their buying activities. 

Starting point for Toolio is a central buying calendar. Using Toolio Outlook Add-in, you can synchronize your buying appointments with Toolio. Once your buying meetings are in Toolio, you can easily see your upcoming meetings in order of importance, meetings that your peers are going to in case you need to coordinate, and easily access budget guideline for each brand you are working on. 

If your company is already on Toolio, you can log on here and try out the platform. You log in with your company username and password. Using Toolio, you will be able to: 

  • See all buying meetings, budget guidelines and outstanding continuity spend for that meeting in a central place. 
  • Access budget guidelines in a simple way with powerful filtering and roll up capabilities. 
  • See budget taken up by continuity orders to see what is available for seasonal orders. 
  • Get automatic reminders on important tasks to complete, such as upcoming order deadlines 
  • Access all relevant information about brands, such as payment terms, distribution and trade spend in a central place. 
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