Customizing Views

Views allow building personalized view of the data you are looking at.

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Views allow you to build custom workflows and reports on Toolio. Using views you can customize metrics, attributes, conditional formatting, time frames, selected scenarios and many other properties of the Toolio Grid.

Below are the cross-module capabilities that are supported using views.

View Options

View options allow users to manage the views, with the following capabilities.

View Option

Use Case


Saves the view edits, such as filter selection, group selection, etc. on the view

Save As

Creates a copy of the view with a new name


Update the name of the view

Set As Default

Makes the view the default view that shows up when the module is loaded. You have two options - Set Default for me and Default for Everyone.

Change Section

Allows you to change the view section of the current view.


Deletes the current view.

Hide / Unhide Columns

In each of the views, you can hide / unhide columns. This is especially useful in a pivot view, when you have Time Groups as columns, and you might want to show Time Groups only for some of the metrics.

After making changes on which columns are exposed, you must save your changes to the view, so that these changes will be preserved. Also, if you change column grouping after making column selections, the Hide / Unhide configuration will be dropped, since column definitions will have changed after changing groupings.

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