Allocation module ensures that you have the right amount of inventory in each of your locations (i.e. points of sale) to cover the forecasted demand on each location.

The output of allocation is transfer orders from warehouse to sales locations. Allocation module uses inventory on hand by location, inventory on the warehouse and sales plan (or historical sales) by location to determine how much inventory should be transferred from location to warehouse.

Note: Please note that Allocation is a standalone module on Toolio. So, make sure that Allocation is enabled on your Toolio account, and let your customer success manager know if you would like this module to be turned on.


Toolio tracks your sales and inventory position by location (including stores and warehouse). So, to be able to generate transfer orders, all you need is to tell the system:

  • Weeks of Supply desired at each sales location

  • Source for generating the transfer orders

You can either specify this information as you are generating in transit plans, or you can create Allocation Profiles, so that Toolio knows the Allocation ruleset you would like to use.

To use allocation:

  • Go to Item Plan Module

  • Switch to Allocation view

  • Select the items you want to generate In Transit Plans for

  • Right Click > Functions > Generate In Transit Plans

  • Select Use Defaults if you have already created Allocation Profiles or Override Defaults if you would like to input new set of Allocation rules

  • Hit Generate

This will create `In Transit Plans` from your inventory sources (i.e. warehouses) to destinations (i.e. points of sale). These In Transit Plans then will be used to Generate Transfer Orders either via exporting to CSV or via an ERP integration.


Please see how Allocation works in action below.

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