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How Do I Apply Seasonality Curves in Item Plan?
How Do I Apply Seasonality Curves in Item Plan?

Review this article for information on applying seasonality curves to products pushed from Assortment Plan into Item Plan.

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After creating an assortment and pushing products into Item Plan you will want to apply seasonality curves to your sales forecasts.

By default, the SKUs will come over with the sales plan that you input in AP. The sales plan will be distributed evenly over the number of Planned Weeks. For example, a style that had Gross Sales Units = 1,000 and Planned Weeks = 10, each week would be allocated 100 units. This is an unlikely sales curve, given each week will differ.

It is possible to apply a Seasonality Curve to this plan. To do so, select the lines in AP and choose Functions > Generate Forecast.

  1. Choose the Time Frame that corresponds with the Planned Weeks for these items

  2. Choose the Merchandise Plan seasonality method, which will allow you to utilize a preset seasonality curve from your Merchandise Plan.

  3. For the Volume Method, you should select Spread Current. This will maintain the total planned units, and distribute them according to the curve.

    • In the example above, the total units would remain at 1,000 and the units would be distributed over the time frame that you choose.

See the screenshot for how this would look. You can read more on the Merchandise Plan forecasting method, and other forecasting steps here.

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