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Integrate your Fulfil.io instance through Personal Access Tokens

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Toolio provides turn-key integration with your Fulfil.io instance via Personal Access Tokens. With this integration, Fulfil.io can serve as a source of truth for your Sales, Inventory, Product, Purchase Order, and Receipt information.

How to Integrate Fulfio.io and Toolio

  1. Navigate to Access Tokens

    To create an access token, click on your username on the top right and then preferences. From there, click 'Manage personal access tokens'. This will open a new page displaying your Personal Access Tokens.

  2. Create a new Personal Access Token
    In the Personal Access Tokens page, click 'Generate Personal access token' on the top right. You will be prompted to entire a Token description, which you can input 'Toolio'. You can then click 'Generate' in the bottom left.

  3. Share your API Key and Merchant name

    After the step above, you will be prompted with an API Key. Please share this key, along with your Fulfil.io Merchant name with the Toolio implementation team according to the instructions outlined here.

That's it! From here, the Toolio implementation team will configure your integration with Fulfil.io and follow up directly. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions in the meantime.

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