Pre-Import Validation Worksheet

Guide to filling out the Pre-Import Validation Worksheet

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The Pre-Import Validation Worksheet is intended to provide your implementation team with a first pass on sample data for a specific retail week (or month) in a Toolio ingestible format. We will use the provided sample data to

  1. Make corrections on data format and

  2. Validate our metric aggregations for the specific timeframes we are requesting

Understanding the Timeframe Table

The Timeframe Table will provide information on the timeframe of sample data we are requesting for each data model. The timeframes are intended to mimic the week ranges of your retail calendar so the dates we ask for may change if we change your calendar configuration. Then requested timeframes for each feed are outlined below:

Data Feed

Requested Timeframe

Sales, Receipts

1 historic week (typically last week)


4 future weeks (typically next 4 weeks)


Snapshot of BOP of current or last week

Importing Sample Data

Here are the steps for importing:

  1. Before importing your data, please check that your data format is consistent with the format in the Sample Data Feed.

  2. Go to the tab you are trying to import to, click on cell A1, and import your CSV file.

    1. Make sure you are importing to "Product" not "Product Validation", if you are importing product data as an example

    2. For "Import Location," select the last option "Replace data at selected cell."

    3. For "Separator Type," select "Detect automatically."

    4. For "Convert text to numbers, dates, and formulas," select "Yes."

  3. After importing the data, check the "Validation" tab of the feed you imported to get a summary of the data.

  4. Repeat steps 2-4 for the rest of the data types in each respective data tab, paying attention to the required dates for each model on this tab.

Review Validation Tabs for Potential Issues

Once you have your sample data loaded for a particular feed you can review the Validation tab for that feed for any potential ingestion issues. From here you can work with your Implementation Specialist to identify and correct any issues in the sample data. You can see in the below example, our Product data has some missing values for "Image URL", "Unit Cost", and "Unit Retail", which we can see are highlighted red.

Video Walkthrough

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