Using the Toolio Configuration Worksheet

How to approach and configure your attributes and options using the Toolio Configuration Worksheet

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Attributes define how you will interact with the Toolio platform. Attributes will affect how your data is visualized across the Merchandise Plan, Assortment Plan, and Item Plan modules. You can read more about Attributes and how they are used in Toolio, here.

Please jump to the Spreads section for more information on configuring size, channel, or location scales in Assortment Planning.


You will be introduced to the Toolio Configuration Worksheet at the beginning of your onboarding process. The Attributes tab in the Toolio Configuration Worksheet is specifically designed to help create custom attributes to help structure how your data will be visualized on the platform. The Options tab will be where you define the possible values single-select Attributes can take.

Please see the video for a walkthrough.


You should approach this section by first considering your intended workflow in Toolio and perhaps reference your current planning process. You will see the following columns in the Attributes tab:


How to Interpret



What do you want the display name of your attribute to be?

Division, Department, Color, Season, Gender


At what level/extent should your attribute be applied?

(Drop down select) Style, Color, Size, Inventory, Sale, Purchase Order, Merchandise plan


Based on the potential options for this attribute, how would you classify the input type?

Drop down select) Single-select, String, Number, Date, Currency, Metric


Mark this as True if you would like to use the attribute as a Planning Attribute in the Merchandise Plan Module - leave blank otherwise.



Mark this as True if you would like to use the attribute as a Planning Attribute in the Assortment Plan Module - leave blank otherwise.



Adjacent to the Attributes tab, you will find the Options tab. This tab will automatically populate the headers with all attributes you have defined on the Attributes tab where the type is single-select. Since you have configured these attributes as single-select, Toolio requires a set of potential option values for each attribute. These parameters will define all possible inputs for your single-select attributes.

Please make sure you format and spell all options the same way your products are attributed during this process. Any discrepancies from your product feed in spelling or formatting in the Options tab will cause data to be incorrectly attributed when imported.

In the case that you need to add or edit any Attributes or Options after your account has been configured, you can easily do so by going to Settings>Attributes. Please read more about creating custom attributes and managing options.


During the Assortment Plan onboarding process, you will review spreads with the Customer Success team. The Spreads tab of your configuration worksheet will be where you can define size, channel, or location scales.

Once configured, these scales will then be used to distribute your color level planned units in the Assortment Plan module to different sizes and channels. While this can be a tedious and manual task in Excel, Toolio streamlines this workflow through the Spread Management feature in the Assortment Planning module.

In the Spreads tab of your Toolio configuration worksheet, you will see the columns below. Please also reference this example spread configuration.





Define the type of spread - what is your scale breaking down?

Size Scale, Channels, Store Cluster


The attribute your scale uses (please reference your Toolio attributes)

Size, Channel, Location

Spread Name

The display name of the spread

Tops, Bottoms, Store + Web


The option value you are specifying (please reference your Toolio options and add any additional values to your configuration first)

S, M, L, Web, Store-1

Option Abbreviation

Used only for SKU generation - if this attribute is in your SKU creation logic, please specify how the option value should be abbreviated

The attribute Size is used in the SKU logic: (Product Id + Color + Size)

XS = 1, S = 2, M = 3, etc.

This maps sizes to alphanumeric abbreviations for SKU creation


The percent composition of this option in the scale - must total to 100


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